Sunday, April 1, 2012

Today I.... Introduction

I often have a difficult time remembering that I'm a pretty awesome person.  I forget the good things I do, the accomplishments I've made and the progress I've made.  I need to remember these things because it's so easy to be bogged down in the negative.  To this end, I've started this blog - Today I... in which I will talk about the positive things that I did each day.  Sometimes it will be in paragraph form.  Sometimes it will be a list.  Sometimes I'll have pictures to add to my text.  It will just be whatever strikes my fancy at the moment.

Yes, I probably could have added this to my every day blog, Sanity's Overrated.  But I wanted a place I could come to that is just for the positive, just for the accomplishments, just to remind me of what I can and do do without having to go through labels and the like.  A place of positive energy feeding back to me every time I read it.

I'm not sure if I'll be linking this over at SO.... or even really putting it out there at all.  But eventually, I may.  This isn't as much about tooting my own horn for the world to hear (though it is a little... otherwise I'd be doing this in a paper journal instead of on the internet for the world to see).  It's more about having a blog for me to look back on and remind myself that I'm a fantastic person and I can - and do - get a lot done in a day.

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