Monday, June 18, 2012

This Weekend I...

It's been awhile since I've updated this blog, and I really need to get back to doing it.  It reminds me of the wonderful accomplishments I've made every day - particularly when I sometimes feel like I'm useless.

This weekend was one of the most productive weekends I've had in a long time, and I feel fantastic about it!

Friday, I:

  • Made a Lemon Cream pie for Rich's birthday
  • Packed for our trip to Dad's over the weekend
  • Started back in my Scratch Pad to keep on track
  • Drove to pick up Rich from work, then to Dad's.
Saturday, I:

  • Cleaned out the van - thoroughly.  All the trash out of the van, everything that didn't belong in a bag to go into the house when we got home.  Windows and interior wiped down. Carpet vacuumed, with the ones that would come out thrown into the washer to be washed. 
  • Pulled the boys' car seats out, took them apart and washed the cloth parts, wiped down the plastic.
  • Screwed the cup holder in place on Pete's car seat.
  • Helped Dad fix the center console for the van.
  • Made ziti for dinner.
  • Washed dishes.

Sunday, I: 

  • Put the car seats back together and installed them back where they belonged.
  • Changed the oil in the van (with Dad's help)
  • Helped Rich and Dad move the china hutch from one spot in the dining room to another.
  • Got everything packed to come back home.
  • Drove home

And so far today (though there's still more I'm planning for the list), I have:

  • Sorted the laundry.
  • Washed two loads of laundry (with many more to go)
  • Went to the grocery store with the boys
  • Dropped off the used oil and filter to be recycled

On my To-Do list for the rest of today is:

  • Wash more laundry
  • Fold and put away clean and dry laundry
  • Clean up the living room (a little)
  • Write out my lists for the things that need to be done for the trip at the end of the week
  • E-mail my MIL

Busy, yes.  But productive.  And very worth it.

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