Friday, July 13, 2012

Trying to get back into the swing of things

Well, vacation is over, we're home once again, and I'm trying to get life back to normal.  I'm still not all the way there, but I'm making steps in the right direction.  The last couple of days have been pretty productive and, since I've realized that writing about what I've accomplished helps me both feel good about myself and helps keep the motivation going, I'm bringing this blog back to the forefront.

So, here's my little bit of Go Me for the last couple of days.

Yesterday, I managed to pull together all the books that needed to go to the library and head there to drop them off.  I had a few things waiting for me to pick up as well, plus it had been close to a month since we'd been there because of our vacation.  I managed to find two books that had been among the missing and brought my overdue fines and fees back to a manageable level.  I also filled out the whole family's summer reading log and brought the printouts with me so we could get our summer reading swag.  Rich and I each got a library bag, while the boys' made out much better.  They each got a certificate and a "get in free" certificate for one of 5 places.  One of them is a local bowling alley and, since Teddy's been wanting to go bowling, that's the one we'll be using them for.  They also got a chance to pick out a new book for each of them.  Pete picked out an I Spy book while Teddy chose The Sword Thief, book 3 of the 39 Clues series.  Why he chose book 3 when we don't own 1 or 2 yet, I'm not sure.  But it's his and he's loving it.  I picked up my hold and the boys' chose a couple other books to check out, then we headed home.  I had other things on my list, but I didn't get to those.  The depression energy was sapping me.

I did, however, pull together my courage to call Amazon to get my Kindle replaced... again.  I'm having the same charger problem with it that I had before.  They'll be testing it to see if they can figure out why I'm having these problems. My new one is supposed to be here today but it hasn't shown up yet.  I'm getting antsy.

Today started with coffee.  I made myself a couple cups, drank it while checking out some stuff online and then decided that today needed to get started.  I got the kids up and helping and we got the living room cleaned up.  Yes, there are still things that need to be done - a bunch of things that need to be brought upstairs, the vacuuming that needs to be done.  But you can walk through the living room without breaking your neck. So I'm feeling good about that!  I also got dressed and went out to pick up the mail.  Again, go me!  (That's usually a tough thing for me to do.)

On my To Do list for the rest of today is:

  • Make my to do list for the weekend
  • Write out what I need to buy at Big Lots this weekend (school shopping for Teddy and they've got a 20% off your whole purchase deal going on)
  • Dishes in the dish washer
  • Start writing up my blog posts regarding my vacation
Rich is on his way home now too, so it's going to be a great Friday night.