Monday, January 14, 2013

Today I... Monday, January 14, 2013

Well, today wasn't quite as good of a day as yesterday was, but I can't complain.  I still managed to get quite a bit done and I'm feeling good about it at the end of the day.

Before I get started, however, I do want to post the pictures that I promised last night.  The clutter that you can see in the pictures are the few things that needed to go downstairs but hadn't made it as of last night (By now, I can actually work out in my bedroom, though!)

Our bed, with the nice, new sheet set Rich bought me for Christmas.

Rich between the bed and our bookshelf, and his
dresser that had been piled high with tons
of stuff
If I can find a way to put a lamp in that corner,
that will become my bedroom reading nook.
The full sized mirror is for one of the two
closets in our bedroom

Our second bookshelf.  To the left are the only
two bins I still need to go through.  My purse is in
front and to the right are some things I'm
giving away.  And yes, there's a chicken
on top of my TV.
My dresser and the three bins of laundry that need
to be washed.  The door goes to the second
closer in our room.  And the lamp, sadly,
doesn't work.

My side of the bed.  You can see the
zebra pillow pet the boys got me for
Christmas last year and the crates I've
stacked for an impromptu bookshelf.

Compared to ever square inch being covered with stuff, I did a fantastic job if I do say so myself.

Now on to today.  The day started with making sure the boys were both ready to go out the door.  I was taking Pete up to my neighbor, Shannon's, while I drove Teddy and her kids in to school.  I had a meeting at the school to meet with the administration about getting him into the ENCORE (exceptional education) program.  I was lucky enough to get there early enough not to have to park on the street - as much as I personally love the school that Teddy goes to, it's one of, if not the, oldest schools in the district and parking sucks.  My appointment wasn't until 15 minutes after school started, so I sat around and chatted with a few people I knew, including Teddy's kindergarten teacher from last year. When the meeting time came around, it went quickly and well.  Teddy did very well on the assessments and they recommended he take part in the program.  I told him when he got home from school today and he was quite happy to hear it.  As was I.

After I left the school, I stopped by Shannon's and chatted for a bit before Pete and I left.  He'd been great for her, then started acting like a goof as soon as I got there.  No real surprise.  It's his MO.  We headed home after about an hour, I got some cereal and drink for him and started on some of my computer work.

My big thing, computer-wise, was getting memes out the door.  I managed to do four of them over on Sanity.  I still have a few other things I want to do meme-wise (I've got my One Word button to post and link to, plus this week's Writer's Workshop - watch Sanity for the link-ups there.  I'm too tired for linking right now!)  I had to reboot my computer because I had a wonky sound issue happening on it, and while I was letting it do it's thing, I decided it was time to work on the kitchen.  Since I'd worked so hard on it Friday and I'd been keeping up with it over the weekend, it only took me about 10 minutes to empty the dishwasher, put the morning and later-night dishes into it and wipe down the counters.  Go me!

I also worked on laundry in between blog posts.  I managed to wash, dry and fold one of the three bins of laundry that you see in the pictures above.  Rich, the wonderful man I married, put the laundry away for me.  I've got another load in the dryer and tomorrow (hopefully) I'll be able to finish the rest of the laundry up.  Busy day ahead tomorrow, though.

Rich called a little after 2 to tell me they were letting everyone leave at 2:30 today.  The weather was during nasty - sleet and frozen mix - and they didn't want anyone out on the roads in it any longer than they had to be.  Sadly, it looks like we're going to have much of the same throughout the night.  We're still waiting to hear whether they'll be closing the schools tomorrow or not.

While Rich was on his way home from work and Teddy on his way from school, I worked on my daily challenge for today.  It came out pretty good, if I do say so myself.  Not exactly what I was envisioning, but not bad at all.  It took me 15 to 20 minutes to do.  Then I spent another 20 cleaning the living room, followed by enjoying dinner made by my hubby.

Most of the rest of the night has been spent in relaxation.  Playing a little Marvel Avengers, writing up my Daily Challenge post, and posting here.  All in all, a good day.  The only two things on my list that I didn't get done were exercising (but after yesterday, I'm not complaining too much) and logging what I ate on SparkPeople. Considering how little that way, it won't take me long to do so tomorrow.

Tomorrow will either be an unexpectedly home-bound day (if they close the schools), or an incredibly busy day.  Here's a glance at what I have planned for tomorrow:

  • Teddy to school
  • Pete to my friend Becca's (who, thankfully, will be bringing him to PDO for me)
  • Psych appointment at 9 for a med check
  • PT appointment at 10:30
  • Pick up Pete from PDO at 1:30
  • Pick up Teddy from school at 1:45
  • Eye doctor appointment for Teddy at 2:15
  • Blogging on Sanity
  • Updating here
  • Exercise
  • Update SparkPeople
  • Daily Challenge (writing related, shouldn't take too long)
  • Finish laundry
  • Clean hallway and, possibly, dining room
  • Figure out what to make for dinner on Wednesday
So... yeah.  Tomorrow's gonna be busy.  But busy is good.  keeps me active, doesn't let me wallow.

Have a great Monday night, all!  And thanks for following me on my journey!

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